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Manufacturer of Regenerative-Desiccant Dryers for Compressed Air and Gas Systems

HD Desiccant Series Air Dryer

Jet Pak HD 3 Air Dryer
HD Desiccant
Series Air Dryer
Jet Pak HD 3 Air Dryer

     Dry Air Systems Offers:


• Improved system reliability
• Pneumatic control protection
• Increase life expectancy
• Full reservior capacities
• Quality of workmanship
• Continuous dessicant regenera-
   tion with less than .1% of air
• Reduced operating costs (75-
   watt light bulb)
• Proven customer track records


• Easy, flexible installation
• Expansion options
• Built-in moisture indicator
• Simplified dryer maintenance
• -40° dew point depression
• Particle filtration down to 15
• Compact Size
• Competitive pricing


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